What you need


At JOSE JARDINEROS, we take it upon ourselves to keep your garden in top shape all year long or seasonally. Our professionals will advise you of the type of upkeep you require and will carry out the jobs you decide on, giving you the guarantee of a job well done.
  • Cleaning of Gardens in common areas.
  • Grass-cutting.
  • Plant health treatment
  • Hedge forming
  • Tree-pruning
  • Palm tree pruning.
  • Replanting.
  • Restauration of neglected zones.
  • Watering control and repairing of problems.
  • Technical consultation.


Let us advise you and let us put our specialists at your service to show our creativity and experience. You will be satisfied upon seeing your land or plot transform into a beautiful garden, a place of relaxation or a green zone for use and enjoyment.


Do you need a change?

Contact us without obligationand let us express our creative and technical ideas for the restructuring of your green area.
  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Gardening
  • Planting
  • Instalation of artificial lawns and ready lawns
  • Instalation of watering controls

Restoration of garden zones and neglected instalations

Generally, due to neglect, bad weather and infections, green areas and gardens deteriorate and thus require regeneration and restoration. At JOSE JARDINEROS, we have over 6,000m of greenhouses and planted land exclusively dedicated to the development and supply of plants for the recuperation and restauration of your gardens. Thus, allowing to us keep our prices competitive and to ensure prompt delivery, an added bonus to our services.
    • Consultation
  • Restauration of green zones
  • Replantation or reseeding
  • Control and plant health
  • Reparation and/or reinstalation of watering control

Technical Consultation

On our team we have at our disposition specialised technicians in garden design, control of plagues and diseases, advice on the most suitable vegetation for your zone…., With JOSE JARDINEROS, you don’t need to worry about the best for your garden.
  • Advice about type of suitable planting and adaptations required
  • Typology of lawns, other garden groundsand humus
  • Water needs
  • Selection of plant types suitable for climatic conditions of the zone
  • Systems and control of watering

Swimming pool maintenance

We can look after your pool all year round. We carry out the service of maintenance and repair of pools. Your pool needs professional care, ensuring that the water is always clean, transparent and free from possible infections.
  • Cleaning and manual regrouting of surfaces
  • Product treatments
  • PH and chlorine controls
  • Revision of levels
  • Cleaning of filters and purifier motors
  • Brush cleaning of walls
  • Out of Season Preparation and care